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Current Committee Members
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Below is a list of current CLSA Committee Members. All terms end after the Annual Business Meeting of the year listed.

Please click here to view the Committee Mandates.

Constitutional Committees
(in the order presented in the Constitution)

Committee on Nominations
Chair: Rev. Lawrence Jurcak (Expiration 2014)
Members: Very Rev. Lawrence DiNardo (Expiration 2015); Mrs.Meg Romano-Hogan (Expiration 2016); Rev. John Vaughan (Ex officio 2014)

Committee on Resolutions
Chair: Mrs. Susan Mulheron (Expiration 2014)
Members:  Rev. Langes Silva (Expiration 2015); Rev. Jamin David (Expiration 2016)

Resource and Asset Management
Chair & Treasurer: Rev. Thomas E. Cronkleton (Expiration 2016)
Members: Msgr. Charles Antonicelli (Expiration 2014); Msgr. Michael A. Souckar (Ex officio 2014)
Consulting Members: Most Rev. Joseph R. Binzer; Sr. Margaret Stallmeyer, CDP

Professional Responsibility
Chair: Rev. James Conn, SJ (Expiration 2014)
Members:  Ms. Catherine Gilligan (Ex officio 2014); Dcn. Gerald Jorgensen (Ex officio 2014)
Hearing Officers: Msgr. Frederick Easton (Expiration 2014); Rev. Paul Hartmann (Expiration 2015); Msgr. John Alesandro (Expiration 2015)

Standing Committees
(in alphabetical order)

Committee on Church Governance
Chair: Ms. Barbara Bettwy (Expiration 2016)
Members: Rev. J. Patrick Reynolds (Expiration 2015); Msgr. William King (Expiration 2016); Rev. Francis Marini (Expiration 2016); Sr. Nancy Reynolds, SP (Expiration 2016)

Committee on Clergy
Chair: Rev. James I. Donlon (Expiration 2015)
Members:  Msgr. Tomas Marin (Expiration 2014); Sr. Maureen McPartland, OP (Expiration 2015); Rev. Kenneth A. Riley (Expiration 2015); Rev. Msgr. Steven J. Raica (Expiration 2015)

Committee on Convention Planning
Chair: Rev. Michael Joyce, CM (Expiration 2015)
Members: Very Rev. Paul D. Counce (Expiration 2015); Sr. Sharon A. Euart, RSM (Expiration 2016); Executive Coordinator (Ex officio); Rev. John R. Vaughan (Ex officio 2014)
General Convention Chairperson: Rev. Victor Finelli (Expiration 2014)
Convention Liturgies: Sr. Ann F. Rehrauer, OSF (Expiration 2014); Msgr. Jace Eskind (Expiration 2014)

Committee on Institutes of Consecrated and Apostolic Life
Chair: Rev. Manuel Viera, OFM (Expiration 2015)
Members: Sr. Amy Hereford, CSJ (Expiration 2015); Sr. Catherine Darcy, RSM (Expiration 2015); Sr. Lynn McKenzie, OSB (Expiration 2016); Sr. Karla Felix-Rivera, VDMF (Expiration 2016)

Committee on Laity
Chair: Dr. Marie T. Hilliard (Expiration 2015)
Members: Ms. Anna Marie Chamblee (Expiration 2014); Msgr. Steven F. Callahan (Expiration 2014); Mr. Timothy Cavanaugh (Expiration 2015); Ms. Amy Tadlock (Expiration 2016)

Publications Advisory Board
Chair: Rev. Msgr. John A. Alesandro (Expiration 2018)
Members:  Rev. Patrick M. Cooney, OSB (Expiration 2015); Rev. Msgr. Thomas Green (Expiration 2015); Rev. Patrick J. Cogan, SA (Expiration 2017); Rev. Paul Hartmann (Expiration 2018); Chorbishop John Faris (Ex officio 2014); Msgr. Michael A. Souckar (Ex officio 2014)

Advisory Opinions: PAB           Roman Replies: Sr. Sharon Euart, RSM

Committee on Research & Development
Chair: Chorbishop John D. Faris (Expiration 2014)
Members: Dr. Michael Nobel (Expiration 2015); Rev. Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone (Expiration 2015); Sr. Rose McDermott (Expiration 2015); Ms. Rita Joyce (Expiration 2016); Msgr. Michael A. Souckar (Ex officio 2014)

Committee on Sacramental Law
Chair: Rev. Bruce Miller (Expiration 2015)
Members: Mr. J.D. Flynn (Expiration 2014); Ms. Amy Jill Strickland (Expiration 2014); Dr. Chad Glendinning (Expiration 2015); Mr. Jay Conzemius (Expiration 2016)
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