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2015 Convention Resolutions
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Resolution submissions are due by August 28, 2015 (see more information in Guidelines below)

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Resolutions are central to the functioning of the Canon Law Society of America. A majority of the research activities and special publications of the Society are a result of proposals to the Annual Meeting of the CLSA in the form of resolutions. (Revised 1 May 2004)

Criteria for Submitting Resolutions (CLSA By-Law No. 3b)

Their content shall be simple, precise, direct and in language befitting a professional society; vague or ambiguous phrases should be avoided, and "whereas” clauses should be kept at a minimum.
  • Resolution wording is to be clear and specific concerning its intended outcome;
  • Resolutions generally call for some action to be taken on the part of the Society. Therefore, the following terms serve to clarify the resolution:
    • receive – if the CLSA is asked to recognize the completed work of the group or committee;
    • accept – if the CLSA is asked to recognize the completed work of the group or committee and to agree with the work produced;
    • endorse – if the CLSA is asked recognize the completed work of the group or committee, to agree with the work produced and to make the work its own (fullest commitment available).
They shall be positive in nature, and in keeping with the scope, purpose and resources of the Society.
  • Resolutions should avoid criticism of persons and be worded so as to improve existing structures and serve to build and encourage the work of the CLSA;
  • Resolutions should fit within the context of the overall purpose of the Society and may not be contra legem;
  • Anticipated costs for implementation of the resolution should be realistic and definite (avoiding such phrases as "costs minimal”);
  • If costs are anticipated, it is requested that the author(s) contact the Office of Executive Coordinator for guidelines;
  • Resolutions should be clear about how much human resource will be needed to achieve the resolution’s intended outcome.
The Contents of the Written Resolution
  1. Proposed by – The name(s) of the author(s) proposing the resolution;
  2. Title – The title should focus the membership on the point of the resolution;
  3. Statement of Rationale – (The "Whereas” clause) Should be a brief statement presenting the background and foundation for the resolution;
  4. Be It Resolved That – This is the heart of the resolution whereby a simple, precise and direct statement proposes the intended outcome;
  5. Implementation By Means Of – A clear statement presenting the time line for completion, human resources required and anticipated costs.
The Resolutions Committee will review the resolution. If changes are necessary, the Chairperson will contact the author for further discussion. Clarifications, modifications and amendments, may also be made to the resolution by CLSA members, with the concurrence of the author(s), at the Resolutions Hearing and the Annual Business Meeting. Resolutions may also be presented at the time of the Resolutions Hearing or the Business Meeting. Should this be the case the "member shall read the resolution and explain it briefly and submit one copy of the resolution in writing.”

Submit your resolution(s) to the Office of the Executive Coordinator by August 28, 2015 to 3025 4th Street, NE, Suite 111, Washington, DC 20017-1102 • (202) 832-2331 (fax) •

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2015 Resolutions Form

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