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Current Committee Members
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Below is a list of current CLSA Committee Members. All terms end after the Annual Business Meeting of the year listed.

Please click here to view the Committee Mandates.

Constitutional Committees
(in the order presented in the Constitution)

Committee on Nominations
Chair: Mr. Jay Conzemius (Expiration 2017)
Members: Msgr. C. Michael Padazinski (Expiration 2018); Sr. Victoria Vondenberger, RSM (Expiration 2019); Rev. Manuel Viera, OFM (Ex officio 2017)

Consultative Member: Dcn. Gerald T. Jorgensen (Expiration 2019)

Committee on Resolutions
Chair: Mr. Timothy M. Olson (Expiration 2018)
Members:  Rev. Jaroslaw Z. Skrzypek (Expiration 2018); Bertha Nwazi Nyirenda (Expiration 2019)

Former President Mentor: Msgr. Michael Souckar

Board of Governors Liaison: Rev. Peter Mangum

Resource and Asset Management

Chair & Treasurer: Sr. Nancy Reynolds, SP (Expiration 2019)
Members: Rev. William J. King (Expiration 2019); Dr. Marie T. Hilliard (Senior Consultor, ex officio 2017); Sr. Margaret A. Stallmeyer, CDP (Expiration 2019); Msgr. John J.M. Foster (Vice President/President-Elect, ex officio 2017)
Former Treasurer Members: Rev. Thomas E. Cronkleton, Jr.

Professional Responsibility

Chair: Patricia M. Dugan (Expiration 2017)
Members:  Dr. Marie T. Hilliard (Ex officio 2017); Rev. Manuel Viera, OFM (Ex officio 2017)
Hearing Officers: H. Small Roberta (Expiration 2017); Rev. Phillip J. Brown, pss (Expiration 2018); Sr. Marie A. Breitenbeck, OP (Expiration 2019)


Standing Committees
(in alphabetical order)

Committee on Church Governance
Chair: Rev. Kevin M. Quirk (Expiration 2018)
Members: Carlos Venegas (Expiration 2017); Michael Sinclair (Expiration 2017); Rev. Joseph L. Newton (Expiration 2017); Mary E. Santi (Expiration 2019); Mary C. Edlund (Expiration 2019); Msgr. John A. Renken (Expiration 2018); Dcn. Gerald T. Jorgensen (Expiration 2018)

Eastern Law Committee: Chorbishop John D. Faris (Expiration 2019)

Former President Mentor: Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone

Board of Governors Liaison: Rev. Kenneth A. Riley

Committee on Clergy
Chair: Rev. Garry B. Giroux (Expiration 2018)
Members: Rev. Georges F. de Laire (Expiration 2017); Chorbishop John D. Faris (Expiration 2018); Dcn. Daniel J. Laurita (Expiration 2018); Rev. Louis F. Vallone (Expiration 2017); Rev. William S. Elder III (Expiration 2019); Dcn. Daniel G. Welter (Expiration 2019); Rev. Luke Millette (Expiration 2018)

Former President Mentor: Msgr. Frederick C. Easton

Board of Governors Liaison: Rev. John P. Donovan

Committee on Convention Planning
Chair: Rev. Jamin S. David (Expiration 2019)
Members: Dr. Barbara Anne Cusack (Expiration 2018); Rev. Manuel Viera, OFM (Ex officio 2017); Rev. Roger H. Keeler, Executive Coordinator (Ex officio); Rev. James J. Conn, SJ

General Convention Chairperson: Rev. Victor Finelli (Expiration 2017)

Vice Chair for Liturgy: Dcn. Michael P. Forbes

Committee on Institutes of Consecrated and Apostolic Life

Chair: Sr. Karla Felix-Rivera, VDMF (Expiration 2017)
Members: Dr. Eileen C. Jaramillo (Expiration 2017); Christina Hip-Flores (Expiration 2018); Rev. Joseph M. Arsenault, SSA (Expiration 2017); Sr. Eloise Rosenblatt, RSM (Expiration 2018); Adela Maria Kim (Expiration 2019); Rev. Richard A. Wahl, CSB (Expiration 2017); Rev. John Chrysostom Kozlowki (Expiration 2018)

Former President Mentor: Rev. Paul L. Golden, CM

Board of Governors Liaison: Sr. Nancy Reynolds, SP

Committee on Laity
Chair: Amy L. Tadlock (Expiration 2018)
Members: Anne E. Bryant (Expiration 2017); Stephen V. Garbitelli (Expiration 2017); Matthew Glover (Expiration 2018); J. Michael Ritty (Expiration 2018); Rev. Michael J. Bradley (Expiration 2017); Rev. Mark C. Payne (Expiration 2018); Sr. Margaret A. Ramsden, SFCC (Expiration 2019)

Former President Mentor: Rita F. Joyce

Board of Governors Liaison: Susan Mulheron

Publications Advisory Board
Chair: Sr. Sharon Euart, RSM (Expiration 2019)
Members:  Rev. Patrick M. Cooney, OSB (Expiration 2020); Rev. Patrick J. Cogan, SA (Expiration 2017); Rev. Paul Hartmann (Expiration 2018); Susan Mulheron (Expiration 2020); Rita F. Joyce (Ex officio 2017)

Consultant: Msgr. John A. Alesandro

Editors: Sr. Sharon Euart, RSM (Roman Replies); Msgr. John Alesandro and Msgr. Thomas J. Green (Advisory Opinions)

Board of Governors Liaison: Susan Mulheron


Committee on Research & Development
Chair: Rita F. Joyce (Expiration 2017)
Members: Dr. Diane L. Barr (Expiration 2018); Rev. Robert J. Kaslyn, SJ (Expiration 2018); Most Rev. Mark O’Connell (Expiration 2018); Rev. Joseph C. Scheib (Expiration 2019); Msgr. John J. M. Foster (Ex officio 2017)

Former President Mentor: Msgr. John A. Renken

Committee on Sacramental Law
Chair: Dr. Chad J. Glendinning (Expiration 2018)
Members: Rev. Robert L. Sinatra (Expiration 2017); Heather Jo Eichholz (Expiration 2017); Dr. William L. Daniel (Expiration 2018); Rev. Peter Akpoghiran (Expiration 2019); Anna Marie M. Chamblee (Expiration 2019); Rev. John Lessard-Thibodeau (Expiration 2019); Sr. Maureen A. McPartland, OP (Expiration 2019); Rev. Arthur Crosby Mollenhauer (Expiration 2019); Rev. Shawn P. Tunink (Expiration 2019); Rev. Peter O. Eke (Expiration 2019); Rev. John Joseph Boyle (Expiration 2019); Rev. Matthew Furgiuele (Expiration 2019); Dcn. Michael P. Forbes (Expiration 2019); Msgr. Dariusz J. Zielonka (Expiration 2019); Timothy M. Olson

Former President Mentor: Rev. Daniel A. Smilanic

Board of Governors Liaison: Rev. Kenneth A. Riley


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